Privacy as Innovation round table at the IT University of Copenhagen

Key experts from an interdiciplinary field met in Copenhagen in November 2014 to discuss privacy as innovation.

Privacy is an economic, technological and social investment. But when can we actually talk about privacy in online services? And when is it just good marketing? Online privacy is an area full of opportunities. Ownership and control over data is in increasing demand among internet users and it is the basis of some of the most innovative online services right now. But in the last few months we have seen a number of cases where users’ data has been leaked or tracked through some of the new services that explicitly promise users’ control over online privacy. The cases have spotlighted online privacy as a total solution that includes everything from the technical solution, business model and ownership of data, big data ethics, organizational structure as well as culture, society and law.

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Global Privacy as Innovation Network

Privacy is an opportunity and an economic and social investment. This network exchanges knowledge and information about new services, networks and guidelines on privacy innovation that are being created worldwide right now. We are also working towards an international level playing field for digital media business development with key practical principles for innovations in privacy technologies.

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