Innovation is about meeting new requirements in new ways. The Global Privacy as Innovation Network views privacy as an opportunity and an economic and social investment. That is; we see privacy as innovation.

The network consists of individuals – academics, developers, journalists, policymakers etc that exchange knowledge, ideas and information about new emerging services, networks and guidelines on privacy innovation that are being created worldwide right now. We are mapping new services with privacy at the core and are also working towards an international level playing field for digital media business development with key practical principles for innovations in privacy technologies.

The network was established at the Privacy as Innovation II session at the 9th Internet Governance Forum September 2014 and is today coordinated by the thinkdotank DataEthics.eu.

Contact Gry Hasselbalch, DataEthics.eu/Mediamocracy for more information about the network: privacyasinnovation@mediamocracy.neomailbox.ch

Film work by Lovisa Inserra.

Current participants in the network:

Aral Balkan, Ind.ie

Allon Bar, Ranking Digital Rights

Luca Belli, Center for Technology and Society, Fundação Getulio Vargas Law School, Rio de Janeiro

Nathan Bierman, Youth IGF NL

Marjolijn Bontheus, ECP

Hanane Boujemi, Hivos

Henrik Chulu, Solobeta and BitBureauet

Kim Elmose, Elmose Kommunikation

Arda Gerkens,  Parliament/Netherlands

Gry Hasselbalch, DataEthics.eu/Mediamocracy

S. (Simone) van der Hof, Leiden University

Anette Høyrup, The Danish Consumers’ Council

Lovisa Inserra, Governess Films

Rikke Frank Jørgensen, Danish Institute for Human Rights

Steve Jennings, NordicDei – Nordic Data Empowerment Initiative

Esther Keymolen, Leiden University

Anders Kjærulff, Aflyttet.dk

Jon K. Lange, Save the Children Denmark and the Youth Panel

Francesco Lapenta/Beingdigital.org, University of Roskilde

Ali Nikooee

Ted Palys, School of Criminology, Simon Fraser University

Miguel Perez Subias, President, Spanish Internet Users Association

Molly Schwartz, Mydata

Oreste Pollicino, Bocconi University, Milan

Bart W. Schermer, Considerati, Leiden University

Sare Gul Sevil

Gitte Stald, IT University of Copenhagen

Marianne Steen, Marianne Steen & Co/PRODII

Pernille Tranberg, Digital Identitet/Fake it

Nicolo Zingales, Tilburg University

Shoshan Zuboff, Professor (retired) Harvard Business School/Faculty Associate, Berkman Center for Internet and Society


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